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Who Are The Sisters?


Tayler Demaree here and I am just a small town girl, raised in the country my entire life. I am crazy about animals, hair & beauty, as well as all things fashion.
I am married to my high school sweetheart with three little ones that keep us busy.. and on our toes! My husband is an extremely busy man with farming and owning a livestock hauling business, so I like to sneak away in my free time to be his sidekick as often as I can. Before babies, I dedicated most of my time in the in the salon as a hairstylist. That had been my love & passion for as long as I can remember. I always knew that was where I wanted to began my career, until the opportunity to become a stay-at-home mom with my little ones arose and I jumped right on that! Now, we have two kiddos in elementary school and I am soaking up my time with our last wild little one at home most of my days. We enjoy traveling and making the most of our time together, since Spring and Fall are very busy times for my family. During the summertime we like to spend our family time together as much as we can, along with our friends. Soaking up lake days, time around our pool, bonfires, and grilling out as often as possible are just a few of our favorite things - anything to soak up Indiana summer weather! Last Summer, on the lake is where our wheels started turning and thoughts of a new business adventure started to come to life. Amy, Lindsay, and I had decided to put our many ideas together to brainstorm a business opportunity different than the rest to offer our small town area and far beyond just our hometown. I absolutely love getting to meet new faces, the flexibility of the business, as well as the fun and opportunity this one of kind mobile boutique offers, alongside some truly amazing women!



My name is Amy Beesley. I'm blessed and proud to be a partner and sister of Warrior Sisters Boutique! I have two beautiful, grown daughters, Tayler and Emily and an adorable grandson, Carter. I also have the most supportive husband, Brandon and they have all encouraged me to pursue this dream! Having lived in Thorntown nearly all of my life, I am fortunate enough to know so many great people in our community and almost all of my friends and family live nearby too. Regretfully, I did not attend college, but was fortunate enough to find a good job in Thorntown nearly 20 years ago. However, I've always had a huge desire to have my own business.
The first time that I remember seeing a mobile boutique, my wheels started turning. I would daydream about all of the things that could be done with a truck like this! Of course, it's one thing to think it and it's another thing to go out and find the confidence to to pursue those dreams. For those of you that know we well, you know you know that I've never been much of a risk taker. Leaping into this, I felt many emotions, most excitement and fear. But, let me tell you, my fear has quickly disappeared.
I'm a lover of hosting, entertaining and planning/decorating. I often build and incorporate those talents into our business. Our mobile boutique is beautiful and I love the idea that not only can people come to us, but we can go to them too! That definitely creates excitement and so many opportunities. I believe this is just the beginning. Our dream doesn't have to stop with just the mobile version of our boutique. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us.



​Hello Warriors! My name is Lindsay Harrison. I am married to my husband John and we have 4 amazing kiddos. Makenna-10, Lukas-8, Riggs-14 months and Hadley- 5 months. John farms full time with his Dad and also serves as a volunteer firefighter. Together, we have always chosen to live life with a “full plate”. We currently own several businesses including JLH Wedding Barn, JLH Quarter Horses, a branch of a nutritional wellness company and most recently, Warrior Sisters Boutique. God’s timing for things in life is always funny. As a busy wife, mom and business owner, adding another business in the fall of 2018 did not seem like a logical decision. However, when God brings the perfect people, the right opportunity and the means to make it all happen, you obey! In our free time (I’m laughing out loud), we enjoy spending time watching our older kids show their livestock (pigs and horses) and play sports (basketball and football). We LOVE to travel as well. I am thankful for this opportunity with Warrior Sisters Boutique and most importantly, I’m grateful that I get to do it with two amazing friends!!